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Liselotte Kragh, Owner Abita Studio Architecture +Design


Lotte Kragh is a Danish-American architect with a Master of Architecture degrees from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and from the University of Washington.  Since 1995, Lotte has owned and operated Abita Studio Architecture + Design, an independent, Seattle-based residential design practice.  

Lotte supports each project with the benefit of a diversified design background combined with architectural project management and construction experience.

Abita Studio will work with you at whatever level you need, whether it be a quick floor plan sketch and conceptual design consultation or the full scope of architectural services from initial concept through construction.


We engaged Lotte and Abita Studios to help us solve a leaky deck on our 20-year-old home. We tried to fix it several times without success and knew that major work was in order. She gave us four options, three of which would have fixed the deck and one which was a major redesign, removing the deck completely and replacing it with a sloping roof. We chose the redesign and are incredibly pleased with the result. We never imagined that a material change to the front of our house would look like it was part of the original design (but better). Lotte also figured out how to increase the size of our dining room windows which was an unexpected bonus. Lotte was clear, thoughtful, and listened carefully to what we wanted. She is skilled in design and terrific to work with. She formed a great team with our builder, and we felt so comfortable with her that we left her in charge of the construction when we left for a month during the height of the construction. We recommend her highly!Read More

We worked with Lotte on updating many spaces on the main floor of our home. Our project consisted of two phases of construction--the first phase included a complete kitchen remodel, removing a wall between the living room and dining room, and a lot of built in cabinetry. The second phase included a home office, an ensuite guest room, a powder room and a hallway drop-zone. Throughout the design process, Lotte was very good at listening to what our priorities were and she was creative in finding solutions for turning our wishes into reality. She understood that we were looking to make our spaces not only beautiful but also highly functional. Lotte was a pleasure to work with. We appreciated her practical design sensibility and we believe she designed our spaces to be the best they can be!Read More

I've worked with Lotte a few times and all have been a wonderful experiences. We were smart enough to hire her for a kitchen and home remodel and are so glad we did. She has a gift of understanding flow, movement in a home, and adding touches one would never consider. She listens, she coaches, and she provides beautiful drawings that we get to bring to life. Currently, we are undergoing a new project and look forward to her help once again. -Sarah and JasonRead More

I purchased a mid-century house in need of various repairs and updates. Lotte helped me formulate an overall plan that we could tackle in phases depending on what my priorities were. From this initial meeting, I changed the carpet pattern that I was going to have installed. Her understanding of what my ideas for the house and my taste were clear and she saved me from making decisions that might not have been the best for the house. When I needed to replace all the windows, she not only had great resources, saving me a lot of time and wandering around, but guided the whole specification process and worked through various possible solutions to find the most pleasing one. We went over the pros and cons of materials and functions, so that now that the windows are in, I can really see all of where she was helping go to. No element is too small or too large for her to deal with. Most importantly, she listens and absorbs what I'm trying to say. I feel very lucky to have found such an ally.Read More

We commissioned Abita Studio's Liselotte Kragh to design a modernist house for us in West Seattle. Ms. Kragh was a consummate professional at every stage of the process, from recruiting an eco-friendly contractor to accompanying us to showrooms to select wood flooring, tiles, appliances, light and bathroom fixtures, windows and sliding doors, etc. Attentive and sympathetic, her creative solutions to cutting some construction costs without sacrificing quality was most welcome, and her generous assistance with the early stages of landscaping was very much appreciated. Our new home is energy efficient with a crisp and clean light-flooded interior regardless of how overcast it may be outside. We thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative relationship with Lotte that she encouraged from the design stage through the completion of the house.Read More

When our kitchen needed major renovation, Lotte Kragh of Abita Studio came over and brought magic to our 100-year-old house. I casually said I wanted the walls knocked down so I could have more light and a view of the backyard. Without pause, she visualized patio doors that opened to a deck and our backyard, large operable windows that let more natural light into the kitchen, appliances rearranged for functionality and enjoyability, practical and visually appealing counter space and cabinets. Together with a great builder, Lotte made it all happen. Our new kitchen has been life changing. It has become the center of our large family gatherings. Also, where there was a coat closet with minimal square footage on the first floor of our house, Lotte designed a charming powder room that we and our guests truly appreciate. Lotte is an amazing architect and designer. Anybody who works with her will discover a gem.Read More

We worked with Lotte and Abita Studios on two projects. The first was a bedroom remodel that included some detailed design work to fit built-ins tailored to our specific needs. Lotte's design expertise and detail orientation was absolutely essential to this working well and it is fantastic. Next, in 2017, early 2018 we worked with Abita Studios on a lovely and extraordinary kitchen remodel. She is skilled, absolutely a dream to work with, and her attention to detail, functionality, and aesthetics is unsurpassed. We have our dream-space for a kitchen that fits beautifully to our existing house and also adds value and is gorgeous. I cannot recommend her more highly.Read More

I worked with Abita Studios/Lotte Kragh for one year, designing and building an attached ADU to my home in montlake. She was a true collaborator and a pleasure to work with. The design challenges were to have the ADU feel like it belongs to the site, that it capture as much light as possible, that it feels bigger than the actual square feet, and contains lots of storage. The kitchen had to fit under the existing bedroom, which created a challenge with the low ceiling. Always professional, Lotte was responsive to my requests, kept deadlines and promises consistently. While her knowledge of current building materials is deep, she was able to hold the vision of the design and steer me towards the best possible solutions and cost/benefits. Coming from Denmark, she is able to offer European design solutions and practicality, which was a definite plus. I always felt valued and respected, and would give her my highest recommendations.Read More

Sitting at my kitchen counter writing this, with an incredible view of our yard and the surrounding territory, I am so grateful for Lotte's vision and help as we navigated an enormous renovation last year. She is efficient and focused, listened carefully as we articulated what we wanted in our home and was a great partner in brainstorming ideas. She asks critical questions so we could get to the absolute best ideas. Our design created a warm and economical space. She is down to earth and realistic about project scope and cost. She is a great bargain hunter and her advice about where to get things / who to work with is spot on. She is well connected and we could not be happier with how our beautiful home turned out.Read More

Excellent listening and translating ideas into beautiful and functional space for out lifestyle. Designed a total remodel of our mid century home in 2004 and then asked for design of kitchen and living space for a second property. Wonderful finished projects and recommend Lotte whole heartedly.Read More

Hiring Lotte to help with our renovation was by far and away the best money we spent on our project, and we aren't even done with it yet. She is honest, has great taste, and helped us create a beautiful, functional space. Our house was built in 1904, and we really appreciated that she respected the house, and didn't try to turn it into something it's not. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to transform their space!Read More

I have worked as the landscape designer on several projects with Lotte, and the collaboration was wonderful. Lotte's sensitivity to the site and the relationship between garden and interior resulted in superb projects and very satisfied clients. She is an amazing architect!Read More

Lotte was a pleasure to work with on our remodel. She was always willing to listen to our input and brought great solutions to the more challenging aspects of our space. I hope to get the chance to work with her again one day.Read More

In 2013, we purchased our home entirely designed by Abita Studio. All details of the home's layout are so thoughtfully executed, making everyday living comfortable, efficient and at ease. High quality materials and finishes are used throughout, such that the home stands out. It feels timeless yet is also quite unique. Because of the high quality design, home upkeep needs are hassle-free. One of our most favorite characteristics of the home is its seamless interface with the outdoors, even while located in the central part of Seattle. Large windows and sliding glass doors invite abundant sunshine and breezes, as well as views of the surrounding trees and flowers. We could not be happier with our home!Read More

As we were searching for an architect to design our new home, a friend (and past client of Lotte's) recommended that we contact Lotte...and we could not be happier. Lotte listened carefully to our desires, guiding us seamlessly through the entire design and permitting process. Her efforts and her willingness to respond to our feedback resulted in a house that we are so happy to call our home. We were so pleased with the entire process that we have recommended Lotte to several friends who have subsequently hired her to design their renovations and remodels.Read More

To whom it may concern: Lotte was our designer and architect from 1999 through 2000. She was very honest, creative and easy to work with. She had given a lot of thought in the design of my home. Thanks to her, I am aging very peacefully and comfortably in this home. She brought a wealth of experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.Read More

This review is long overdue. We had the tremendous pleasure of working with Lotte when we remodeled our 100 year old house. The project included a master bath, master closet, kitchen and a large deck. We love to cook and regularly entertain large groups of friends and family. So a highly functional kitchen was a top priority. At the same time we wanted to retain the charm of our old house. Lotte was amazing each step of the way. She asked great questions, listened to our ideas, and then made that vision a reality. I cannot recommend her highly enough!Read More

Lotte Kragh as helped me on several projects over the past ten years, the most extensive being a comprehensive landscape design for all sides of my house, including stairs, stone walls and pathways, a deck, and design for a new front door. It was a challenging project given the size and terrain and she did a great job, one which still pleases me greatly every time I walk up my front steps. I love Lotte's design aesthetic (see photo of front door as a good example), creativity, pragmatism, and efficient delivery of services. I highly recommend her. Http:// More

I could not have asked for a more productive, pleasant and positive experience in planning my kitchen remodel design. Ms Kragh is highly experienced, practical, and creative in her thinking. She listens, communicates extremely well, and offers her solid advice clearly and specifically, finding pragmatic and beautiful solutions. She was able to make an exciting and workable reality for my ideas; keeping budget and all practical concerns in clear focus. Ms. Kragh consulted with me to create the initial basic design for my kitchen remodel. We met again further into the remodel when she consulted and gave solutions for more detailed aspects of the project in order to make the design work both practically for our use as well as to make the design work visually. She offered not only design advice, but was also able to make good suggestions regarding resources for products/materials as well as great recommendations for contractors etc...Read More

Lotte helped us make our dream home a reality. We wanted a Northwest aesthetic that complimented the natural surroundings of our waterfront property. We also wanted a small, highly efficient layout that utilized every square foot to it's greatest potential. Lotte was able to create a home for us that while under 1000 SF still provides everything we need for comfortable living and entertaining both inside and outside on our expansive deck. Her knowledge of earth friendly and recycled building materials was a bonus.Read More

Lotte helped us imagine, plan, design and manage our second floor addition, along with dining room and mud room additions on the first floor. She was an insightful and intuitive listener and was respectful of our relatively low budget and desire to do as much of the work ourselves as possible. She was unfailingly efficient, knowledgeable and timely throughout the process. We were incredibly appreciative of her vision and her professionalism during the remodel process and that appreciation has only deepened over time, as we've lived in the house and now plan some more work on it. I have referred her to a number of friends and they have all been pleased with her work, as well. I could not be happier with our choice of Lotte Kragh as our architect for a project that was a pretty scary financial risk for two teachers. It has paid off enormously, both financially and in quality of life.Read More

I have worked with Lotte on two different projects. The first was remodel for an ADU (Accessory dwelling unit - aka mother-in-law appt) on my 2nd floor of my house, which is where I live. She did a spectacular job on the design! It is an exquisitely charming and highly functional living space. I love this appt. I'm currently working with her on a new garage construction. This project has had some challenging issues, and I appreciate having Lotte's expertise to help me through them. Lotte is easy to work with and very creative at problem solving. I highly recommend her!Read More

Lotte Kragh both designed and project managed a major home remodel for myself and my husband in 2009. She was reliable, creative, resourceful and thorough in this undertaking. Years later, the pleasure of living in a house that has been transformed remains. The ceilings and windows are high, the wood floors are sound and elegant, the pantry and closets and attic are practical and easy to look at. Everyone who comes here for the first time makes a positive comment. I recommend Lotte wholeheartedly.Read More

We wanted to maximize the available space in a petite 1940's house on a small in-city lot. Being relatively creative people, we thought we'd be able to come up with a plan on our own, within the existing footprint, but it was much more difficult than we expected. We turned to Lotte for help. She helped us think quite literally outside of the small box that is our house. She came up with a plan to for a very small addition that increased our kitchen, dining room, added a nice entry, and also included digging down to add on to the foundation under the addition. By digging down and adding on to the basement we got a new bathroom and egress for the basement, with minimal loss of valuable yard space. Lotte's vision helped us add a minimal amount of square footage but with maximum impact. Her design married a clean and contemporary addition to our minimalist/traditional home. She helped us with interior spaces, and even devised a way to increase the ceiling height in the kitchen and dining room. Lotte was willing to help out as much or as little as we needed. She was instrumental in getting the correct set-back information from the city planning office and helped us through the permitting process. She has kept in touch throughout the process (we are still completing our project at this writing), and along the way when we were stuck on details, we'd reach out and hire her as needed. One of the things we were stuck on was lighting, very difficult for typical homeowners to visualize, so we had her prepare a lighting plan for the entire house. Lotte is particularly skilled at reading her clients, and her end results really match the client's style and needs. She is well connected in the local design community and has good professional contacts in the various construction fields. She listens to her client's questions and ideas, she knows what questions to ask, and she is a pleasure to work with. We definitely recommend Lotte and Abita Studio.Read More

Lotte of Abita Studio was the architect on our bathroom remodel a few years ago. She helped us transform a tired and unsightly space into one of my favorite rooms in the house. Lotte had genius ideas about how to get the most out of the space by reconfiguring it while honoring our request to maintain the original footprint. The room functions beautifully with a small room for the commode adjacent to a walk-in shower; this area can be closed off with a pocket door from the rest of the bathroom which features a large soaking tub and double sinks. Add in adjustable and subtle lighting, a frosted glass door for additional light and new windows, maximized storage with gorgeous custom cabinetry crafted by Lotte's master woodworker husband, Brian, and we have a very pretty and much more effective space for our family of two adults and two tween boys. We can be brushing teeth while someone showers yet privacy is maintained. A true win! Lotte is great to work with; creative, effective and efficient. We highly recommend Lotte and Abita Studio. More

Working with Lotte (Abita Studio Architecture & Design) on our kitchen remodel was a good match for us. She listened carefully and provided a design that showed she paid attention to what we said was important. Through several iterations, she worked like a valued team member...challenging us when needed and supporting our modifications-- all while keeping us focused on our goal. We would not hesitate to work with her again.Read More